Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Story #2

I woke up one morning naked in a container with all the wrong people from yesterdays party and a headache the size of the kind of bed i would have liked to be in right now. It was cold and wet, my skind was sticky from grease or some other kind of lubricant and i could hardly move. It dawned on me that what i had taken for the morning sun was in fact a flashlight pointing at me. Someone spoke to me and said :Hey, Do you know Owe Thörnqvist? His ass is filled with Orpon. Yep, that's a kind of berry! After those words i just knew i had to go and get some ice-cream. But then a noise came from within the toilet...

Participiants so far: Erik, Fredrik

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Story #1

I woke up one morning naked in a container with a bunch of members of the international federation for midget wrestling (http://www.partymidgets.net/MWF.htm). The rain was pouring down and the vast field around us was changing in orange and purple. Or was it the midgets themselves? -Luigi, a voice inside of me said (strange, since my name's not Luigi), you got to

Participiants so far: Petter

Thursday, March 23, 2006


"I woke up one morning naked in a container with"...

The beginning of a dazzling, maybe neverending epic. This little sentence is being mailed out to some random friends, who are to continue the story and pass it on. Watch the branches of this tale grow...